04 december 2008


Plot Whisperer har startat en "National Plot Writing Month" i december, speciellt inriktad på att få stil på färdigskrivna råmanus. Det ser dock ut som om man kan ha nytta av informationen även om man är mitt uppe i, eller inte har startat, sitt skrivarprojekt.

What: Craft a draft of your work into a novel, memoir, screenplay in a month’s time.

Who: Anyone who has written a draft of a novel, memoir, or screenplay and is now ready to craft the project into a coherent piece worthy of publication.

Why: The first draft of any writing project is considered the generative phase. The muse is often responsible for much of the generative phase. The writer acts as a conduit and allows the inspiration to come through onto the page. The generative phase is all about getting the words on the page.At the end of the generative phase, a writer is often faced with a manuscript full of holes and missteps, confusion and chaos. This is part of the process in that editing in the generative phase risks stifling the muse, which often results in stagnation. When a writer completes the generative phase the real work begins—crafting the words into a coherent story.

This is where National Plot Writing Month comes into play. Läs mer....

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