31 januari 2008


Svenska språket är ju underbart, tänk att man kan sätta ihop sådana här ord:


30 januari 2008

Skrivartips av amerikansk bok-coach

Jag fick ett nyhetsbrev som jag gärna vill dela med mig av:

Write Like a Pro Checklist--10 Ways

Judy Cullins c. 2008

You may be a professional, an entrepreneur, a coach or consultant, even an author. It's one thing to know your topic and business focus, but another to get others to see your gifts to them.
You need to know how to write crisp, compelling copy in your book so your audience will FINISH it and rave .about. You need your web site to educate your visitors so they will want to click over to read about your services and products. You need to write short articles like this one that are succinct, organized and offer something new and unique.

To sell well, your articles, reports, books, and copywriting need to pass the 10 item checklist below:
  1. Make your book , article title or headlines grab your reader by the collar.
    If your titles and headlines are ho hum, your prospective audience will leave you instantly. Headlines and titles are far more important than the copy that follows. A clever title is great, but an even better title is clever and clear.
    Shorter titles sell better than longer ones, because they are easier to remember. Make each word count because your potential buyer will spend only four-eight seconds on the book front cover.Your Web site sales letters and your home page headlines must grab your visitors' emotions and curiosity to lead them to buy. Make your headlines benefit driven and specific for more impact.
  2. Create your opening paragraph of your book chapter, your book's introduction, or your web copy to entice your reader to continue.
    It's not the book, it's the hook. In fiction chapters, start with the most exciting and important incident first. For fiction and non-fiction, open with dialogue. It's more present and exciting. It shows rather than tells. In non-fiction open with two or three compelling questions your reader can connect with. Point out your readers' challenges through them. Then follow with the thesis, a story and other solutions.
  3. Make each part of your non-fiction book, report, article, or sales letter support the thesis.
    For instance, the thesis of this article is "You will sell more books or services when you use these 10 ways to write like a pro." Once you give each book, each chapter, each article a thesis, you'll write more compelling, organized, and easy-to-read copy.
  4. Pursue savvy friends and associates to edit your work.
    Send them a survey asking for their feedback on small amounts at a time. Always reward them with a free book at the finish, or a free special report you create from your longer pieces. Edit two times before you submit your piece to a professional editor or book coach.
  5. Use strong, emotional or visual, power verbs rather than linking verbs like "is," "there is," "start to or begin."
    These linking verbs create passive, long sentences. They stop movement and slow readers down or bore them. Readers expect straightforward copy, and when they don't get it, they will put your book or other writing down, never to return. Not a good way to receive word of mouth referrals. Start your sentences with the subject, and then add a power, action verb.
  6. Make sure all your verbs are consistent in their tense.
    Use present and past tense rather than past perfect or gerunds.When you start something in present tense, keep that tense throughout the piece.
  7. Stop loading your copy with telling words like adverbs.
    Every time you see a "very" or an -ly ending in your work, rethink. Check with your Thesaurus to see the more compelling possibilities. Think corpulent instead of very fat. One specific word is always better than two mundane ones. When you see "suddenly," a favorite of most novice writers, map out a picture, dialogue, or emotion to show sudden movement.Your audience can relate to the picture or emotion, but not to -ly.
  8. Corral your writing into concise, compelling sentences.
    Know that the standard sentence is 15-17 words; anything longer means difficult level. Today's business readers want short and to-the-point writing. Yes, you want some variety, just remember what your audience wants. Redundancies fill your first draft. Make your first edit hone in on these. Slash and burn them because they show you don't care about your audience...
  9. Make sure your piece is coherent.
    Test whether it flows or sounds natural by reading it aloud. When you stumble on a word or phrase, you can bet your reader does too. Once your piece passes this test, you can offer it to others for peer editing.
  10. Make your dialogues believable.
    No long speeches, please. Short dialogue reflects real life situations. . Use "said" rather than "screamed," "pouted." Show these in your character's action. "Said" is like a comma, and readers don't like to be slowed or talked down to.
    Attract contacts, clients, readers and web visitors with fresh, clear writing. Write to make a difference in other's lives using this "write like a pro" checklist.

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Book and Internet Marketing Coach Judy Cullins helps businesses get all the clients and sell all the books they want. Author of 13 books including How to Write your Book Fast, The Fast and Cheap Way to Explode Targeted Web Traffic, Advanced Article Marketing - Nine Mistakes and How to Solve Them, and Advanced Article Three Book Program. Judy offers 260 articles and free eBook 'Book Writing and Marketing Tips' with monthly ezine subscription at http://www.bookcoaching.com


24 januari 2008


Nu kurerad, inte kan man ligga nerbäddad när det är 23 grader varmt ute. Igår blev det en cykeltur i stan för att handla och kolla in läget på de lägenheter vi bokat för kurserna i mars.

Vid Plaza de Armas stod en ung kvinna och tränade flamencodans framför spegelglasfönstren. Smattret från hennes fötter ekade över det öppna torget. Jag köpte fisk och plockade en citron, en apelsin och en kvist rosmarin från vår trädgård (dvs parken här på Club Nautico) till middag. Sevilla-apelsinerna är beska/sura och gör sig bra till matlagning, drinkar och marmeladtillverkning.

Tog med ett utskrivet manus och läste i eftermiddagssolen på terrassen. Kattungar runt benen.

Så skönt att vara här.

En ny bok väntade i postlådan på klubbkontoret:

En härligt illustrerad bok med massor av färg. Handlar om kreativitet i olika uttryck men jag blir mest sugen på att rita och måla. Kanske en illustrerad Sevilladagbok fylld av apelsiner och flamencodansare? Finns på Adlibris.

22 januari 2008

Just nu i en annan del av världen

Tillbaka i Sevilla.

Solen skiner.
Det är 22 grader varmt.
Apelsinerna är gula.
Jag snorar och har feber.

12 januari 2008


Ordenrunt.se ligger av någon anledning nere idag och det är ju typiskt med tanke på att sista anmälningsdatum för Sevillakurserna närmar sig. Om DU hade tänkt anmäla dig nu, vänligen kontakta mig direkt på mailadress ann (snabel-a) ordenrunt.se

Kurser som garanterat blir av:

Författarcoaching - fullbokat
Deckarkurs - 3 platser kvar
Resereportage/Krönikor - 2 platser kvar