06 maj 2008

Världens "längsta" bok?

Jag fick ett meddelande på Facebook som kanske kan intressera dig som skriver:

Subject: Writing Collaboration
Hi there Ann, please excuse the privacy intrusion but I'm trying to get writers, readers and artists involved in a new project called Bigger Than The Bible. Basically I want to create the longest book ever by encouraging writers to battle it out against each other to produce the best chapter. This chapter then gets added to the book and so it starts again for the next chapter. Artists can then get their brains working to create the book cover! Readers, you can enjoy and vote for the best chapters and artwork to go into the book. And that's it, so show your interest at

now and start writing. Oh I forgot, there's £500 to the best chapter that gets voted into the book first, you can also earn money if future chapters written by you get added!!
You can also join the FaceBook Group..


If this doesn't interest you, I apologise, but please pass on to any friends you think it may interest.

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